Book II: Parlainth - The Forgotten City

by Logar's Diary

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released January 1, 2006


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Restless Troll
At night you roam through Heaven, heading for Parlainth
You seek information of the lost city
There is only one place where you might succeed
Near the gate to mystery you'll find what you need

Welcome to the Restless Troll
Join us and drink to soothe your pain
Hear and feel the stories,
Dancing through the air

As you pass the entrance the room is watching you
All these unseen strangers face you with their looks
Nervous and bewildered you close and leave the door
All draw their attention back to where it was before


Go right to the counter, get yourself a drink
Dive into the crowd, try to get a seat
Open ears and eyes, absorb the mood around
With this procedure treasures can be found

Ref. 2X
Track Name: Hirob's Words
So you want to come behind, discover Parlainth
Everyone who tried before went home disappointed
I know the only man who can clear the whole haze
He has died, but his soul lives in a hidden case

But beware if you decide to leave
Maybe instead you should stay
There is more to lose than to achieve
Don't throw your lives away

You will have to pass a deadly hell
The path is harmful and it is long
And the tower is being guarded well
By a dragon great and strong

Don't you already go! Keep on listen silently
Don't you brake the casket (if you find it anyway)!
There is only one way if this soul shall be free
An ancient ritual must be held solemnly


Now I see I can't hold you no more
Now you flee in the cold - take care

Track Name: The Spells (Parlainth Trilogy - Part I)
Now tomorrow is very unclear
Our lives are very unsafe in these days of fear

Why must we all be fleeing
Why does everything change once it's worth being

These days we must escape in the night
If we want to lose the threatening might

Great magicians from everywhere
Must help us and move Parlainth to another sphere

Mighty spells unite!
Create a thunderstorm by night
You are our only hope
Parlainth must hide


So now we can't be found anymore
But what will those people conclude that have known us before

Again will those magic spells blaze,
Wipe out the memory of this holy place


Mighty spells are tied
Now we remain alone in the night
This was our only hope
Parlainth is hiding now
Track Name: Casket Of The Last Resident
...And then the tower came in sight
After a long and dreadful trail
Hard were the fights on our way to the place where we found what we searched for:

There is a casket unrevealed
Inside it a treasure has been sealed
Beware, beware
It holds no gold - it keeps a human soul

...And then we melted with the night
As we climbed through the tower's wall
Fear caught our minds by the feeling of helplessness in the home of the beast


...And then we saw the casket shine
A spot of light upon its form
Would I be safe if I'd stretch out my hand for the thing that should loose the truth?


There lies our future in the dark
Deep in the black a single spark
Beware, beware
No one can tell what will finally come
Track Name: Dark Destiny Of Parlainth ( Parlainth Trilogy - Part II)
When the wizards tried to take the city back
They caused an accident and everyone went mad
The new dimension they moved to changed the atmosphere bad
The sky over Parlainth turned from blue to black

Many thousand fairytales
Lighten up this mystic place
All try to convince you
Which one is true?

Suddenly they appeared - demons in the night
Out of dark hide-aways where they'd waited long
Maybe Parlainth had to decay although it prospered strong:
The consequences of isolation caused famine and all died


Hear the dispute of all those tales
They make me mute and listen to them well

Ref. (2X)
Track Name: Seance - Rebirth
Smoke is the serpent's flickering tongue!
It floats, surrounds the sleeping child

Contains the unscrewed hands
Which can become the endusted key
Freeing the one that shall never
Be free

liberabitur, qui non liberandus

Dim, foggy, grey-eyed waking sleep!
Reigned by the serpent's magnet-grip

Willless minds observe the scene
Drowned in a web-enchanted sea,
Freeing the one that shall never
Be free

Soon it is done
We wake the one
Sleep high my sons
Stretch out your hands
And then he stands (2X)
And then he hunts (2X)
Track Name: Cursed Soul
Once the world grew cold
The old days, I have forgotten them
My life, it all was sold
When tomb-like night fell over me

Since then no light entered my soul
Only the beast's howl filled the dark
It held me as its living gold
Lonely my lasting being bowed

This message goes to my buried heart:
At one time you were my dearest part
I am longing for thee
For you were taken away from me
Now the only way is to find peace
There's one place left to seek:
The end

But yes, I still have the will to be
Like a mortal man approaching death
But then, why won't it let me?
Why can I never see the sun?

Track Name: Torgak's Speech
You know why I called you, it's not very hard to guess
You are responsible for the latest evil mess
I see you don't deny the demon was awakened by you
So first I do acknowledge you're confessing what is true

An unholy beast
Makes my land shiver hard
Who has it released
Must tear out its heart

You wanted nothing bad
But have caused fear and pain
Go and regain the past
That peace can remain

Let's get back to our new-born problem we have now
Do you see a way to free us from this deadly beast somehow
I notice you will face the danger without doubt and fear
Be assured that I will send you help if needed near


Go now, fulfil your work, I'll help you where I can
Goodbye, my friends

Track Name: Bearer Of Light
Good day, my friends. You ask for my name?
They call me Celas
You need my hand - the warrior's power!
I'll lend you my strength

Bearer of light - a candle when darkness falls
Freedom shall rise - here is the helping force
When our duty calls

Why do you doubt - you ask for reasons?
I swear I am true
It is my choice to fight against evil
I've given an oath


You hesitate - you ask what I promised?
I cannot tell
But trust in me - give me a chance
To keep my word

Track Name: Circle's Last Link
As we sought the beast our worries increased
Would the tortured soul still be alive
Celas smelled the demon's fear,
Deep in the windings we drew near
And faced them!

Here we are - let us end it
Three like one - strong and splendid

Our force met its force - the battle began
Skirrel's cries circled around
Deep were the wounds that were cut,
The air thick of rage, sweat and blood
Then we prevailed!


The demon's words:
"You fools! You have defeated me in the fight
But you'll never decrease my power against the chosen soul
He is mine, and I'll take him with me, wherever I go!"

Here we stand - all has ended
Three alone - nothing was mended
Track Name: Parlainth's Discovery (Parlainth Trilogy - Part III)
Once the world was split and broken
Now it is whole again
That night a lost piece reappeared
Its face revealed itself distorted and deformed
We see our past lost and betrayed
Since mystery revealed its cursed fate

Deep confusion spreads among us
As we see the relics of pain
Will we ever discover their doom
If history has fled from this dark place

Hope remains - we keep on trying
Our will is strong to lighten the dark
Someone will one time open the door,
Uncover the look of the hidden one
Track Name: Under One Sky
Out in the furthest lands beyond
Where fantasy is the creator of life
I see people and races dwell
They're rising and growing in harmony

We live under one sky,
Sharing only this one world
We must realise it's time
That all belong as one

Don't wait any longer
Till injustice takes control
Let us show our will to the ones
That fight humanity

Here I find people driven by hate
Offending minorities, judging too fast
Help us to stop them before it's too late
Their deeds and our deeds become the same past


We live our lives in two different worlds:
A dreamworld and a reality
I would prefer the second of these two
If only this single dream came true


We live under one sky,
Sharing only this one world
Realise that all are one!

Don't wait any longer
Till injustice takes control
Let us show our will right now!

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