Book III: At The Crossroads

by Logar's Diary

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the long awaited Book III as a digital release. Only Download!


released July 16, 2016


all rights reserved


Track Name: Dreaming Wide Awake
Hazy shadows in the dark
Evil reaching for my heart
What it this? Who's brought me here?
Why can't I control my fear?
As my eyes begin to see
Dying creatures surrounding me
Forced to watch, standing still
Have to watch this bloody kill

Here lies my future,
There comes my fate
Black clouds before me
Blown here by hate
The air is contracting,
It's stealing my breath,
Pulling me downwards,
Where I meet my death

Shrieking voices, whispered cries
Within the tangle well known sighs
Is it you? Can’t you come near?
Someone tell me why we’re here!
As my body starts to feel
Aching old woundsbecome unsealed
Forced to bleed, compelled to kneel
Have to watch this bloody kill


See the flames greeting from down below where water used to flow

Feel the flames
They greet from below
Feel the fire, it climbs and grows
Meet the flames,
Watch the show
As it flares and flows,
As I start to glow
Feel the flames
Creeping up from my head to my legs,
Slowly closing me up inside,
Breathe the smoke,
Feel new pride
See how I grow!

Track Name: Hunt
Still tracked by these wicked shadows,
Brainwashing my weakened soul from inside
Off we are running, our minds side by side,
No more hesitation, as we enter the night
The steeper the road gets, the stronger our will
Chasing fire in our backs, we bleed sweat and pain
Come on, my friend, come, we have to move on
My visions will come true before the next dawn (‘till the next dawn)

Fleeing from whispers
Which come for me at night
We now hunt my worst nightmare
Before it comes to light

The eighth hour, we've not been resting
My muscles absorb energy from my mind
Still we are moving, our bodies obey
Flashes and figures crossing my sight
I see you – my lost soul –in lingering grief
Clenching your fists, your hands hiding your face
Trying to cover, with eyes open wide
Your screams echo lonely in your last night


Forced by dark visions
We run through this lost world
To get hold of our nightmares
To finally be free
To lose this heavy weight
To quench our concerns
To be free

Track Name: Return To Bartertown
Oh, look my friend, feels like a dream
It's been so long since we have seen
This dirty town – each stone in place
Seems like we left just yesterday

Look down the street, the busy scene
Come, let us dive into the screen
We can get lost just for a bit
Before we make a further step

See, very near: the center of town
Traders and thieves mix with the crowd
However, we have to find my lost part
Before she is torn out of my heart

There is a place not far from here
Selling clues about who disappeared
Whoever is lost can be found
They will help us get off the ground

Bartertown– Welcome home!

Welcome home, feels good to be in town
Life went back into my cold-blooded veins
This is home, no one pulls us down
Here we’ll find the gate to our future path

We open the door, find our way
Leading from the light into deep grey
There in the dark: a shape in the hall
Weexchange words,uncover our goal

My friends, we improved our chances to fight
Seems we have found the way to the light
But hold on, my mates – there in the green
Can this be real? Do you see what I see?

Track Name: Pour The Past On Us
L: As I step outside of misty woods, I see you standing there (A: myself)
With broken eyes, face to the ground,
Begging to undo what you’ve been going through
And you weep and whisper through the dusk

A: Pour the past right down on me
Cause I no more trust today
Let my soul roam back and choose another way
Pour the past right down on me
My shoulders cannot bear the pain
Seems I’ve reached the end of a dead end

L: And the sun is sending red beams on your luminated head (A: My head feels numb)
Yet your eyes don’t catch my sight
Now I reveal myself, fall into open arms
We stumble through the dim light, sing in unison


L: And as we reach the dark of night
A: I can stand because you hold me tight
L: And when you whisper in my ear
A: “It just needed you to be near”
L: Everything we had has returned
A: All the flames that formerly burned
L: They’ve never seized blazing bright
A: As before they lighten the night

L+A: Chorus
Track Name: Kratas - City Of Thieves
Now, one and two makes three, and three is strong
I can feel the strings connecting us
They spin a spider's web
So, evil is always free, free and wild
Wecan never even fight our enemies
If they don’t run into our net
Go, my good friend, and run for our lives
Run and get paid back what you gave
Return some hope into our hearts
Grow thetinyseeds that you once have sown
We will let you go on your own
While we enlighten this place
In the middle dwells a knight
Hails the dark one, shuns the light
Thieves don’t know him, nor the good
Undiscovered he has stood
In the city of the thieves
There is hope to be retrieved
Inside these stone cold city walls
You'll find what you once believed
In the city of the thieves
Who is sought remains unseen
Who, however, seeks himself
Is told what his visions mean
Glow little one and shine away the pain
We won’t let the dark prevail and reign
As long as we are alive
Low was our hope when we were alone
Our lives had turned into stone
Now let us rise again
Now he’s sneaking through the mist
Holding poison in his fist
Creeping further, coming near
You don’t see him though he’s near
Prechorus 1
Prechorus 2
Track Name: The Broken Me
Once I have aimed to reign the light (with darkness)
And now the dark,it points at me (from inside)
The one who came the night that I was bleedingfor the first time
He took my lifeless arms and filled my veins with rage
My face was once reflecting light (of the moon)
Now it is coated in dark shade (absorbing the sun)
The one who came the moment when I fell down to my knees
He pulled me up with strings so strong, strongerthan steel
Broken emptiness scattered all around me
Kneeling, I sacrifice the rest of what is inside me
Feels like never willI return to my old life!
So I offer, I offer you the rest of what is inside!
Track Name: The Intruded Me
Trying to remember how it felt before
UntilI opened that front door to shelter you
Or was it you pressing the handle?
Was it me who called you in?
Who was asking, who accepting?
Does it matter in the end?
You in memakes megod
No resistance anymore
In my veins runs your blood

Looking deep inside I find a stranger sitting there
Dwelling well protected like a demon in the kaer
Will he be my silent servant?
Will he claim his benefits?
Can I use him as a weapon
In my forthcoming revenge?
Welcome home – make me strong
Give me blood –make me king
Will you pay, sing my song?
My God!

Stream of red – lost souls of the cursed
Are seeping through the fingers of my hands
The more I drink the stronger my own thirst
And the stream of blood, it never ends

You won’t give an answer,no single word comes back
My solitude remains unnoticed in the dark
But it is you who makes me solid, it is me who keeps you in
We are solitary powers, isolated, yet entwined
Who feeds whom? Who needs whom?
Your endless power becomes their doom
And my veins become black
Like god!


Låtmiy leva
Foratt ta hämd

Track Name: The Rage In Me
Your fall is the only power driving me:
The only thing that keeps me alive
Your fall is the might that frees me from the ghost:
That demon deep inside my mind

See me, here I rise, getting up from the ground where I've laid so long
The vision grows with me, as I dance with the flames and picture the victims

At the end of the day I’m gonna free myself from the curse
I’m coming for you though I’m aiming at all the world
Through you I destroy everything that you symbolize
All love, all hope, all sense of humanity

See me, here I come, we're getting close to the end where I'm free through you
The flames, they follow me, as I move through the dark and come for your lives

yatto ore no
jiyû e

Let the dance begin
My revenge, it begins now
Flames, rise with me
We'll crucify their love,
We sacrifice their love, and I'm free
Track Name: Raiders Of The Twilight Peaks
Look into my hollow face
And I will make your day
Stranger, you dare to enter our place?
Forever we could make you stay!

Should you come as an invited guest
You'd never be that safe
Use our home as the perfect rest:
Welcome to the most hell-like cave!

Come, where civilization ends
Where the horizon bends
Join us if you're who we seek
Become a Raider of the Twilight Peaks

We expect your true support
Once you’ve joined with us
In exchange we send you our reward:
Dirty deeds from the mountain tops!

Track Name: Waking Wide Asleep
And as the dance begins the dancer lies asleep
He feels a silent sting inside his mind, so deep
Within his head a wicked dream has caught the will
Outside a puppet on the string ready to kill
And as the power enters ice-cold veins of blood
His self-determination dies –all actions controlled from above

Here they are
The path which they walk on
Each can be right, each could be wrong

And as the love draws near the lover lies asleep
An apparent lack of sanity lets her heart weep
“What has been done to you, my love, what did you do?
These now so empty, cloudy eyes have been so true”
And as he stares into her fearful, open eyes
No feelings linger in his face, however loud her cries


And as the fight begins the fighter lies asleep
He lifts his arm into the air, can’t hear her weep
And as his fist falls down in a moment the crying is done
Silence falls into thescenewhenday and night melt to one
Track Name: Ad Trivium
And if you look back to the path that you once chose
And if a voice inside is asking ‘Who was deciding, was it me or you?’
Would you even listen?
Would you try to leave?
You would see the one who’s asking is still standingnext to you

And if the path is parting, you are standing right at the fork
Andthere's someone calling – can you locate the sound deep within?
Will you even listen?
Will you hear the voice at all?
You know there's more than one force once the path before you divides

And if the light gets darker, the noise around becomingcalm
And youcan hear the power inside, is it a stranger or a friend?
Would you greet him outside?
Would let him in?
You can try, if you're strong, to uncover the connection between you

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